Composer David Julyan :
David Julyan is best known for his film scores with director Christopher Nolan, films including Memento and Insomnia. He recently scored acclaimed British horror film The Descent, this was the first score on which he used RaySpace.

" Rayspace is a very creative reverb, not only does it sound great but it has a unique interface. The process of actually drawing the spaces inspires a different and original way to make the sound, this led me to effects I would never have found on a more conventional reverb. "

Don Bradbury - Singing Crane Productions:
" With so many reverb effect plugins to choose from out there, RaySpace is by far one of THE best reverb plugs I have ever had the courtesy of using! It's flexibility and usability make it easy to utilize. The quality of sound is excellent! Smooth effects with long tails; this plugin can be used for just about anything.

What turned me on to this plugin the most was that you could 'create' your own room environment. I had looked for a reverb plugin like this for a long time, though the choices were limited and expensive. When I found RaySpace, I knew my search was over. I found the perfect reverb for my production. It's not only amazing in sound, but the price is just right!

RaySpace has become an integral part of my authoring now. It is by far the most used plugin in my arsenal of effects. "

Jeffrey Brooks - Apocalypse Cow :

" ...We love Rayspace and use it on most every project. We love the ability to create a "space" for the music we write and produce here at Apocalypse Cow. We have used Rayspace on everything from voiceovers, video game tracks/sound design and commercial music to charting industrial rock bands. I think that you have developed a unique and powerful tool here that is a joy to use. "

Dutch Sound Design student Tim van Geelen :
" Apart from the ability to draw your own rooms, I love the other unique features of RaySpace, like the Diffuse Pitch Bend function. It can create some really great sounds of air rising up or falling down, adding a whole new animated dimension to the sound. In a recent soundclip my goal was to create the sound of the earth breaking open and unleashing Armageddon upon the world, in a slow but steady pace. RaySpace took it way beyond the standard "kshhhhhhhhhh" of other reverbs. "

Randy Hoexter :
" I have been using RaySpace for a month or two and I am very impressed with this product. Sometimes "modeling" products really don't deliver the sound they promise. (this is often the case with physical modeling synths) Your product, however, really sounds great...I have begun to use it as my main reverb in many situations. The only problem I have is that because it is so interesting, I find myself  messing around with it a bit too much!"